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Hello! I am inviting you into my kitchen from your own to share food, thoughts, memories and time.


I am engaging in a practice-as-research project exploring the relationships between food, bodies and care. Discourses around food and bodies can be fraught with many cultural anxieties. This project aims to shift the focus to discuss cooking/eating/feeding as social practices of kindness, love and care. Indeed, food is shared by families, friends, lovers, colleagues, classmates and strangers in restaurants, cafes, dining halls, break rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Now, I would like to share it with you - through the post!


I would like to send you ingredients with a note describing a meal and how to prepare it. They would come with a stamped envelope for you to return your thoughts and describe a meal you would make for someone you care about. I would like to make and eat that meal and I would like to share this publicly through videos.


If you are interested in participating in this exchange of care please fill in this form:

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Unfortunately, I am unable to send any more parcels at the moment.
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This research project is being conducted as part of MA Performance Practice as Research at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Sensitive data collected for this project will be anonymised and stored for the current academic year and then six years further in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 as outlined in Section 2.9 of RCSSD's Research Ethics and Integrity Handbook 2019/20.

Due to international shipping laws I am only able to send food within the United Kingdom. If you are interested but located elsewhere, please drop me an email and we can talk. Please let me how I can accommodate any additional access needs.